Polish government approves draft of amendment to the law on the production and bottling of wine

On August 27th the Polish government approved the draft of amendment to the law on the production and bottling of wine. The new law should lead to the following improvements:

- allow winemakers producing wine from their own grapes to outsource the bottling of the wine (this is forbidden at the moment);

- reduce the scope of information required to be registered as a winemaker producing wine from own grapes;

- clarify rules on declarations submitted by winemakers concerning the estimated amount of used grape or grape musts;

- extend the deadline for submission of the application to entry the register of wine producers;

-  lead to changes in the certification of wine from a specific grape variety or a particular vintage.

The above-mentioned changes represent a first step towards the simplification of procedures for small Polish winemakers producing wine exclusively from their own grapes. However, the need for further simplification of procedures for wine production remains in Poland tremendous. The complicated registration procedures winemakers have to go through are one of the main factor hindering the production of wine on a larger scale in the country.

Read the press release of the Ministry of Agricultur (Polish): http://www.minrol.gov.pl/pol/Ministerstwo/Biuro-Prasowe/Informacje-Prasowe/Projekt-zmian-dotyczacych-wina-i-wyrobow-winiarskich

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